Do you have big ambitions for the company’s future? Small business loans can supply your working capital in case you want to grow your business: push up sales, increase staff, purchase new software, etc. In this article, you will also find information about the advantages of taking credit from 800fund compared to the local bank.

Sphere of industry

Nowadays, the banking system has plenty of disadvantages in giving loans to small enterprises. Ask yourself if your industry is appropriate for obtaining a loan from the traditional financial institutions, as they supply just particular industries. You run a landscaping company? That kind of enterprise will not be funded by the bank, because this area is not well-known and they have no notion of its profitability.

Unlike banks, we will give SBL to any existing business type, since we believe that any trade and commerce can be profitable! You just need to have a good knowledge of its future. But nobody will be sure in your company, if you do not know what to do with it.


Together with all required documents, be ready to provide the bank with the following details:

  1. Information about the company. Its name, address, phone and fax numbers, tax identification number, date of establishment, ownership type, annual revenue, business bank account number and balance.
  2. Information about the business owner. Full name, home address and phone number, social security number, citizenship, annual household income, and personal bank account and balance.
  3. Information about all real and personal property.

Are you ready to give such exact details to the bank that is going to give you credit? Everything should be on paper. Traditional financial institutions offer a very long paperwork process. While applying for 800fund’s small business loans, you do not have to head off somewhere in person. All that is necessary to apply for a business loan is access to the internet. The whole application process is smooth and easy, even if you are not an advanced web user. Just click the “Apply Now” button in the top right corner and you will see our short and simple online application form. There are only six items to be filled out.

  1. How much working capital you need
  2. Contact name
  3. Contact email
  4. Phone number
  5. Company name
  6. Business type (e.g., retail, ecommerce, adult, automotive, health, furniture, tourism, and other)

Time to process

It takes time to gather the necessary documents for the bank, and can you imagine how long they will look them through and try to decide whether to give you credit or not? The whole time to process your loan is 30-60 days. And there are cases of 90 days of waiting. Are you ready to wait so long? If when to start the expansion of your enterprise is not an issue for you, then you can wait this long.

But there are many situations when organizations need their credit money as soon as possible, or even urgently. We do not think long about approving you or not. Just give us a maximum of several hours or less. To fund you, we also do not need many days–everything can be done in as little as 72 hours.

Amount of money

The lending amount from the traditional financial institutions can be a maximum of up to $100,000. With 800fund, you could get up to $1,000,000 working capital, although such a high amount of money is not counted as small credit.

Fast, easy, and online.

As you see, 800fund has plenty of advantages over the banks. If you have any additional questions or want to hear firsthand about our business loans, you can call us and our specialists will provide you with all the information of interest to you.

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small.

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Awesome, awesome post! These are really great guidelines in SBL. Thanks for the info!

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