US Presidential Election 2016 Clinton or Trump

Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow we all finally vote. The outcome of the 2016 election will determine which party would control taxes, regulations, health care, court nominations, labor policies, and many other issues that affect every small business at a time when they are already struggling from the government actions.

Small business owners are one of the most influential members of their communities. In fact, every presidential candidate tried to grow in influence on small business voters during their election campaign. But how to know which candidate genuinely supports small business, and which candidate is just talking a good game?

Who has more benefits for Small Businesses: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the candidates for this 2016 election, have different background and experiences. Both of presidential candidates had showed a great performance during the debates and their body language revealed many interesting about them.

But let’s look at the background of the candidates. Hillary Clinton came from a middle class background. Her father, a small business owner, operated a drapery company. She has a law degree and served as a Senator of New York after Bill Clinton presidency and recently Secretary of States in Obama first administration. Donald Trump came from a family of a successful businessman, a billionaire. He graduated from the School of Business and worked with his father in the real-estate industry, buying properties, benefitting in the market crash and undergoing bankruptcies. He is a billionaire and has never been a politician.

Clinton and Trump have been struggling in the polls months. Over all, most Americans do not trust either candidate, according to a New York Times and CBS news polls. Most voters do not trust the government and politicians and do not believe that the government is doing enough to fight terrorism, according to public opinions. spoke to Small Business Owners

No wonder that opinions are divided.’s last month’s survey published as infographic “Small Business and the Presidential Race” showed greater interest of small business owners in Donald Trump. But that was before third and final presidential debate.

Currently more than 50% of small business owners do want to see Donald Trump win this election. They especially like his plan for the economy and on the minimum wage. They especially like the idea, that states would decide the minimum wage as Clinton’ support of minimum as high as $15 an hour would force business owners work more hours, as they will certainly lay off employees. They can’t handle that kind of increase. They also favor Trump’s tax plan with across-the-board cuts, the biggest for the wealthiest. Clinton’s plan would raise taxes on the rich.

The rest of small business owners hope Hillary Clinton will be the next American president as she is experienced on the economic front. Moreover, they prefer Clinton’s tax policies to trump’s. Her tax proposal benefits a wide variety of people instead of just a small segment. They clearly believe she’ll help the middle class more than Trump.

This election has been one of the exciting elections in US history. If Hilary Clinton wins, she will become the first female president of America. If Donald Trump wins, he will be the first person without previous political and elected position to become president of the US in modern time.

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