Trump wins the presidential election

America has just voted and we have a winner – Donald Trump. With his victory, it became clear that some opinion polls during the campaign had got it wrong. It was a crushing defeat for Clinton as she acted very confident during the straight fight.

Small Business Voters Prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have appealed to small business owners during their election campaign. For unrelated to business Americans Clinton was more convincing according to the pre-election polls. But knows the key role local businesses play in the American economy, the recent study showed 50% of nearly Small Business Owners surveyed said they’d vote for Trump, compared with just 31% who said they preferred Clinton.

He is a well-known businessman, so there is no wonder that the continued success of businesses of all sizes takes a priority in his political platform. While Trump is known for working in the real-estate industry, buying properties, benefitting in the market crash and undergoing bankruptcies, he also understands how important small businesses to the local economy are. In fact, big corporations have cut about 4 million jobs in the last two decades; small businesses added 8 million.

There are 7 ways in which American’s life will change under a President Donald Trump:

  • Trade
  • Foreign policy
  • Healthcare
  • Tax policy
  • Supreme Court
  • Climate change
  • Immigration

But there are also a number of changes designed to boost local businesses:

Tax Plan

Trump’s proposed tax plan is a key reason many small business owners voted for him. In his economic address, he called the U.S. the “highest taxed nation in the world. That is why he vows to cut the corporate tax rate by more than 50 percent, from a current high of 35 percent to a maximum of 15 percent. While one of Trump’s motivations behind reforming corporate taxes is to prevent U.S. companies move overseas in order to pay less in taxes. These changes would aid small business owners. Trump’s tax plan reform would eliminate the need for inversions, loopholes or excess credits. This makes filing taxes easier for big businesses, local businesses and sole proprietors alike.

Plan on the Minimum Wage

Unlike Clinton, who wants to set the minimum wage as high as $15 an hour, he supports the idea that states or employers should set their own standards, so small business owners would not be forced to work more hours to lay off employees.


Trump is planning to replace job-killing Obamacare with a new system. Under the new plan, he wants to make health insurance costs tax deductible. Trump’s plan would also allow people to buy healthcare across state lines, which he says will increase competition and drive prices down.

Trump is our president and might have surprised a few people. However, Trump has many supporters from local business owners. He doesn’t mind to raise taxes on the rich, and his protectionist policies may harm some companies that do business overseas. But all he is going to do will affect our economy positively. Small-business owners do have a faith in him. They are cognizant of that not all decisions are easy ones, and that there will be compromises. That’s all part of negotiating deals. And that what Trump does. That’s what we do. And we have faith that he will do what he does best.

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