A Merchant Cash Advance is a quick, alternative way to get working capital for the business’s needs. This is short-term financing, and so it’s the best option in cases of short-term requirements. 800fund is a lender that provides alternative financing solutions to all kind of businesses.

Our company has worked for more than ten years in the lending area. We now have more than ten thousand happy customers, and most of them have successfully applied for MCA. Recently, our analytics team organized data about our clients and their needs and figured out the top five types of businesses that apply most for the Merchant Cash Advance. We would like to share these findings with you in case you do not know how you may develop your company. The top three reasons business owners ask for fast access to working capital are business advertising, the possibility of filling a gap in cash flow, and covering unforeseen company expenses, but there are many ways to increase the income of your business.

MCA borrowers from 800fund are:

  1. Retail store owners
  2. Restaurant owners
  3. Beauty salon owners
  4. Car repair shop owners
  5. Flower shop owners
  6. Others (ecommerce, tourism, health, etc.)
  • – 27%
  • – 20%
  • – 16%
  • – 11%
  • – 8%
  • – 18%

We know how important working capital is for a successful retail store. We will solve your financial problems so you can focus on your customers and raising your income. Our MCA gives you a chance to fix your business needs:

  1. Stocking? goods seasonally
  2. Reorganizing your store
  3. Setting up a site to expand your store nationwide

For a good restaurant, it is always important to stay competitive and purchase only good food and drinks for customers, together with showcasing a fashionable interior environment.

  1. Restyling your restaurant’s interior
  2. Purchasing new kitchen equipment
  3. Expanding franchise territory
  4. Taking advantage of volume discounts from suppliers
  5. Sending staff to training courses

Beauty salons help their customers stay young and attractive. They provide many costly procedures that require good quality materials and equipment. So by getting a cash advance from 800fund, you can:

  1. Keep the salon as beautiful as your customers
  2. Purchase up-to-date equipment
  3. Send personnel to training courses
  4. Purchase new materials

Auto Repair Shops, like any small business, can have trouble being a viable candidate for a Merchant Cash Advance.

  1. Covering unforeseen business expenses
  2. Purchasing diagnostic equipment, repair tools, tire load balancing, wheel alignment, etc.
  3. Restocking parts and supplies as well as other inventory

Florists and flower shops often rely on Merchant Cash Advances during seasonal and heavy holiday activity. We can help your shop survive in tough times.

All of these things will draw more customers to your business, meaning an increase in your income. Merchant Cash Advance is fast, involves less paperwork, and does not require a perfect credit reputation and many years in business. Moreover, you can easily apply for it right now by clicking on this link.

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Robyn Nason

Dead right! My florist’s survive thanks to mca

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