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Americans spent more than $50 billion on their cats, dogs, and other companion animals in 2016. The number of owned dogs this year was 83.3 million and cats were at 95.6 million. People love their pets, and they love to pamper them. Whether it’s spending on a plush new dog bed, grooming services, pet accessories or the highest quality pet food, people are willing to cough up the funds for their pets.

Starting a business such as a Pet Shop can be quite an expensive undertaking. If you’re like the average small business launcher, you probably don’t have tons of startup capital at your disposal. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to obtain working capital for your small business with So do your homework about what you’ll need, and the best ways to go about which platform would better suite you. We’re here to help!

Once you’ve done your homework, you can go on to the fun part…starting a business!

Design eye-catching displays

Fill those shelves with high-quality merchandise. While it is good to have the most common and popular foods and products on hand, as a smaller more specialty store you can also feature some of the more exclusive products that the chains may not carry. Also consider that many people enjoy bringing their dogs to the pet store while they shop, so they need to be able to navigate the aisles together. Display clear store signs letting shoppers know what goods they can expect to find in each aisle. Finally, be sure to take advantage of pet store displays near the checkout counter. Shoppers love grabbing last minute items like a fun toy or a special treat. Do not overlook the little touches, such as a drinking station for dogs and a fitting area for coats and harnesses. Offering products and services not readily available at the big pet stores will give you an edge.


As for marketing a small business, you actually may have an edge over the big fish because owners of small pet stores have the opportunity to get really creative. You’re also in a great position to forge a deeper, more personal connection with your core audience, set yourself apart and establish your own unique brand. Realistically, the big boys such as Petco, Walmart and Target have huge advertising and marketing budgets. That’s why it’s important to find low cost, yet clever ways to promote your business. Use every social media platform to engage your market.

Customer Service

There’s one area in which smaller, more personalized retailers can really excel: customer service!

Learn as much as you can about different pets, their specific characteristics, and needs. Learning everything you can about this will further help you to compete. If you do open your own pet store, you will be in a better position to relate to and serve your clients. Offer pet services. Dog grooming, for example, helps you bring in additional money and attracts customers to your store. Those customers might originally enter your store to get their dog groomed, but might find a product they wish to buy, adding to your sales. Serve the community as a pet-friendly business by offering customers the option of bringing in pets. Evaluate what might help distinguish your business from others in your area, and come up with ways to capitalize on that.

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