As an upcoming entrepreneur looking for working capital for your small business, you might have come across offers from potential investors with strings attached. Some of the would-be investors always wanted you to change one thing or another about your business for them to grant the small business loans you need from them.

You spend years finding a certain business strategy that works, then you seek out potential investors because you need small business financing to expand your business, but when negotiating the terms of the investor involvement, they tend to pull their power over you. Either they want you to replace a certain product line, fire your accounting officer or just about anything else. Doesn’t that suck?

I agree, sometimes the investors may have more industry experience than you, as a single entrepreneur, but their decision might not be the best for your small business. Don’t be tempted by the offer, if you know within you it wouldn’t go well with the business. It’s about time you start saying “No” to small business loans with strings attached and start saying ‘YES’ to alternative lending solutions for your small business without any strings attached whatsoever  – and that is what you get with

At 800Fund, your business is your business, and your plans are your plans. Nobody tries to outsmart you just because you are in dire need of working capital for your small business. They offer you small business financing alternatives for your business. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather opt for an alternative lending solution than take money from some investors who say how the business should be run.

Furthermore, another thing about investors is that they tend to rush everything. I mean they push forward too fast regarding growth. You have probably wondered why is like that. It’s because investors usually cash out within 5 years of their investment in any business, while you as an entrepreneur, on the other hand, would want your business to last as long as possible. This investor’s five-year cash out mindset make them tend to push for processes that would increase the businesses’ value in the short term, but can harm it in the future – the more reason why you should say “No” to small business loans with strings attached. Choose alternative lending solutions offered by 800Fund and their likes; you’d be glad you did.

Maybe, you have also heard of other entrepreneurs complain about small business investors interfering too much in what makes their business special. Yes, they are right as some investors even go to the extent of wanting to fire the very employees that made the business what it is today, all in the name of slashing personnel expenses. Some may want you to move your business to big towns such as New York and the likes. That’s just too much meddling!

Finally, as an entrepreneur, the best thing you need for your small business financing/working capital is an investor that understands you and who will think long term with you – and that’s exactly what you get with They grant you alternative lending solutions that help you grow your small business just the way you want it.

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