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Making the decision to open a spa or expand a current business to include spa services is easy, but taking it from an idea to reality can pose some challenges.

Your first time owning a spa is very exciting but also can be quite stressful if you’re not fully prepared! Be sure to have a solid structure in place. There are some important things you need to know when managing a spa. How long will it take before it’s up and running? How often should you check inventory and equipment maintenance? All of these are normal questions to have when you’ve never owned a spa before.

Below, we’ve compiled some tips so you can enjoy your time with your spa virtually worry-free.

Plan Ahead

  1. The biggest mistake new spa owners make is jumping in too quickly without having a solid plan. Take some time to study the industry, become familiar with the latest trends, and make a specific plan on how to run the spa. Put everything in writing. Write down exactly what services the spa will offer, what equipment is needed, how much money is required to get started, as well as any other details regarding the business.


  1. A big part of enjoying your spa is understanding how it works and how to properly maintain it. Your business plan will be your personal guide and help you to prevent setbacks as you take care of your spa.

Decide on an Angle

  1. Plan the specific services the spa will offer. Offering a specialty service is an excellent way to build a loyal customer base. Sometimes it’s better to start off with a select few services, like hair, manicures, and pedicures. Develop a reputation for being the best at those things and then consider adding on waxing, facials, skin treatments, and more. If you plan to branch out and offer a wider variety of services, however, be sure to have experts on staff to handle each department. Experts in the field have a following of customers that can also help build clientele.

Product/Services Line

  1. Most spas reserve space at the front end of the store to display and sell a number of related products. This is an easy way to make some extra money by encouraging customers to pamper themselves at home too. Carefully choose a product line that reflects the business. The products need to closely align with the services offered and enhance the experience once customers leave the spa. Run specials on the products on a regular basis and train employees on how to up-sell them to increase sales.

Focus on Customer Service

  1. Whether you want to open a spa business to make money or simply to share your skills, never lose sight of the fact that customer service is always the top priority. Spa services are often a rare treat for visitors. Their experience must be better than average for them to return in the future or refer their friends and family. Referrals are the heart of any business. Also decide on a cost-effective marketing strategy that will draw in new customers and create a base of loyal clients.

Hire Quality Employees

  1. The backbone to any business are the people. Hire carefully by finding people who are capable of representing the business in a positive way. More important than anything, employees need to have strong people skills. Even the best haircut, nail service, or massage can’t cover up a rude or unfriendly stylists or technicians.

Having a solid plan in place before opening a new spa is the best way to avoid making costly mistakes and set yourself up for success. Do your research! Learn what successful spas do and find out what mistakes to avoid.

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The possibilities are endless!!!!

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Great article! Would be nice if you’d share tips for the restaurant owners as well.

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