The year 2016 has almost passed, at least 7 months. It was, and it still is an excellent time to ask for small business loans. Small business funding opportunities have been expanding steadily since the financial crisis of 2007-2008, and this trend continues. But what types of lending options are in store among small business

If your business is in need of additional financing and you do not qualify for a bank loan or just do not want to spend weeks or even months going through the typical application process is a bright representative of alternative financing. It provides 1 to 1 alternative lending solutions from just $1,000 and

You wonder what market research is, why you should spend money on it and how it can help your company to flourish. This article will respond to these questions. The market research is a process of gathering and analyzing information about market structure, available competitors, economic trends, technical achievements, target customers and many other factors